Why Connectivity is the Future of Link Building to Unlock New Visibility?

Link Building

Getting links from other websites to your own site is really important. The more great Link Building sites that link to you, the higher Google will show your site in the search results.

In the past, there was a tool called HARO that tried to help with this. But it had some problems and didn’t work perfectly.

Now there is a brand new tool named Connectively (previously named HARO) that makes getting website links way easier and better.

Connectively uses smart technology to match you with reporters writing about your topics. It also lets you quickly chat with those reporters to get quoted and earn links.

Let me tell you all about the cool new features of Connectively that are helping lots of websites get more links than ever before.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is very important for websites. It means you are getting other websites to link to your site. When more sites link to yours, it tells Google and other search engines that your site is good. Then search engines like Google will show your site higher in the search results.

The More Links the Better

Having lots of link building from good websites makes your own site look better to Google. It’s kind of like if all your friends said a new kid was really nice. You’d probably think that new kid seems pretty cool, right? Well, it’s the same for websites. If lots of other sites vouch for your site by linking to it, then Google thinks your site must be awesome.

How HARO Helped

For a long time, there was a free tool called HARO to help get website links. HARO is abbreviated as “Help a Reporter Out.” Reporters and bloggers use this HARO website to find people to interview for their stories. Those people could then give the reporter a quote or some information to put in the story. In exchange, the reporter would link back to that person’s website. So HARO helped people earn backlinks from news sites and blogs.  

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The Problem with HARO

While HARO was useful, it had some issues. First, it was hard for reporters to find good people to quote since they had to dig through lots of emails. For the people seeking links, there were too many reporters requesting random things that didn’t match their expertise. And everything happened over email, which was kind of slow and messy.

Introducing Connectively

Now there is a new, improved tool called Connectively that works better than HARO. Connectively makes it much easier for reporters to find experts to quote, and for experts to get their name and website linked on great blogs and news sites.

Using Smart Technology

Connectively has really smart technology that automatically matches reporters with the perfect people to quote based on what the reporter needs and what those people know about. It’s kind of like magic!

Instead of having to read through tons of emails, reporters just see a list of experts who are a great fit for their story. And experts don’t have to sort through as many emails to find opportunities relevant to their knowledge.

Chatting in Real-Time

Another cool thing Connectively does is allow reporters and experts to chat with each other instantly through the platform. With HARO, everything was done by email which was slow. But Connectively lets you talk in real-time so you can get your quote into the reporter’s story much faster.

More People to Connect With

While HARO was mostly used by smaller bloggers and journalists, Connectively has invited reporters, writers, experts and influencers from all the biggest media companies, publications, and brands to join the platform. So now you can get your name and website linked on huge sites like Forbes, The New York Times, ESPN and more through Connectively.

A Better Website Experience  

Using Connectively is a lot easier and smoother than HARO too. The website works great and is simple to use because of its user-friendly interface. You can easily find opportunities, submit your pitches, see your past pitches, and more – everything in one place. With HARO it was messy sorting through emails.

Keep Track of Your Pitches

Speaking of pitches, Connectively has a built-in tool that keeps track of every pitch you submit through the platform. So you can always go back and see what you pitched, to who, and on what date. This makes it way easier to manage your link-building efforts over time.

Get More Features by Subscribing

While the basic Connectively is free to use, you can also choose to pay $19 per month to get upgraded features. As a subscriber, you get more pitch credits, the ability to filter opportunities by keyword, email alerts for your keywords, and some other cool extras.

Pay-per-Pitch to Avoid Spam

One other difference with Connectively is that it charges $1 for each pitch after your first 5 free pitches each month. This is to help prevent spam and ensure there is accountability from people leaving pitches. With HARO, anyone could submit as many pitches as they wanted for free each month.

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