9 Best Personalization Tools for Marketers Can Benefit in 2023

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As we move into 2023, personalization has become an essential component of any successful Tools for Marketers strategy. 

According to a recent study, consumers are interested to do business with a company that offers excellent and personalized experiences. 

To achieve this level of personalization, marketers need to rely on powerful tools that can help them gather and analyze customer data. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the top personalization tools for marketers in 2023. And, how they can help you deliver personalized experiences that engage and delight your customers.


Do you know what sets successful marketers apart from their competitors? 

They understand that personalization is the key to capturing their audience’s attention. 

Lytics is a powerful tool used by Universal Music Group, TIME, Live Nation, and Ancestry. It uses machine learning to analyze user behavior and interests. 

This helps businesses create personalized customer experiences and gain deeper insights into their audience.

Lytics creates intelligent user profiles based on first-party data and predictive behaviors. And, that gives businesses a more detailed understanding of their customers. 

With easy-to-use audience segmentation tools, identity resolution features, and out-of-the-box user scores, you can personalize your marketing strategies with ease.

Lytics also automates decision-making by using AI-powered tools to segment users based on predictive behaviors. 

This reduces the time needed for creating campaigns while delivering relevant content at scale. 

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  1. Hubspot Marketing Personalization Tools

If you’re in e-commerce, then Hubspot is a must-have content management system for you! 

But, did you know that it also provides marketers with powerful website personalization based on visitor behavior? 

Create personalized pop-up forms that trigger based on a visitor’s behavior or customize email messaging with ease using their personalization tokens. Their smart content feature enables showing different CTAs and website experiences for audiences with specific characteristics.

  1. Proof Marketing Personalization Tools

Building trust is essential when it comes to converting visitors into customers. That’s where Proof comes into play! 

Their focus is personalized social proof badges. Hot streaks show how many people have recently taken an action like purchasing or sharing a post on your website. While live visitor counts increase urgency by conveying how many people are currently viewing a specific page.

  1. Segment Marketing Personalization Tools

Twilio Segment offers businesses more complete customer data solutions via its data toolkit. This helps to deliver omnichannel personalization campaigns. 

The platform collects events from all applications like mobile or web apps. With the help of it, this provides a unified view of customer touchpoints across all channels and platforms in real-time target audiences with relevant characteristics instantly reaching them through 400+ integrated marketing tools.

  1. Google Optimize Marketing Personalization Tools

Google Optimize has a suite of conversion optimization and personalization tools. This includes A/B testing, website testing, and dynamic content. 

Integration with Google Analytics offers businesses access to tons of data to figure out how their website can be improved. 

Its advanced targeting options enable the creation of personalized experiences for each visitor type with ease. 

You can quickly run tests on your website content using A/B testing, multivariate tests or redirect tests.

  1. Hyperise Marketing Personalization Tools

Hyperise allows businesses to personalize their website based on who’s visiting by tailoring their images used in messages as well as videos and CTAs! 

Adding dynamic layers lets you integrate personalized images into existing digital marketing platforms effortlessly. 

You can capture attention in new ways by showing different versions of videos based on audience-specific characteristics like demographics or interests!

  1. Clearbit

Clearbit is a powerful B2B personalization tool to help your business track and target ideal prospects. 

It features 

  • 100+ Firmographic & Technographic Data Points of B2B 
  • A database of 44m Companies & 350m Contacts, and 
  • A/B Split Testing capabilities. 

So, Clearbit is perfect for businesses wanting to personalize their website and marketing. 

It’s a great solution for delivering personalized experiences that boost engagement and conversion. 

  1. Coveo

If you’re in eCommerce, Coveo is another excellent personalization software. It helps to leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning technologies to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. 

The AI-powered Personalization, Dynamic Search Capabilities, and Content Recommendation feature ensure personalized visits translate into boosted conversions and higher customer loyalty!

With Coveo’s data-driven segmentation capabilities, it’s easy to group customers based on behavior or preferences. This mainly allows businesses to make personalized offers with targeted marketing campaigns tailored specifically towards respective customer segments.

  1. Personyze

Personyze is an excellent personalization solution. It mainly leverages machine learning and behavioral targeting. With its help, this tool creates dynamic cross-channel experiences that engage and convert your audience.

Using Personyze’s platform, you can generate personalized content and product recommendations. This will respond to each visitor’s individual interests using the power of machine learning. 

Additionally, their A/B testing feature allows you to test website personalization on different customer segments based on a comprehensive visitor profile.

But wait, there’s more! With dynamic landing pages catered to different audiences, Personyze makes it easy for businesses to create several versions of their landing pages for better engagement.

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