Why Your Website Appears Unreliable – And How It’s Affecting Your Business

Website Appears Unreliable

Your website is the modern-day shop window for your business. It’s often the first thing potential customers see when it comes to your brand. And just like walking into an actual store, those first impressions mean everything.Think about it – you’re strolling down the street, looking to buy a new product or service. You spot two side-by-side stores selling similar stuff. One looks fresh, welcoming, clean, and put together. The other looks rundown, and messy, and just gives off a sketchy vibe overall. Which one are you more likely to walk into and check out?The same goes for websites. If yours looks outdated, cluttered or simply doesn’t seem trustworthy, you’re pushing away prospects before they even get a real chance to see what you’re all about.So what makes your Website Appears Unreliable? And more importantly, what kind of damage is this lack of credibility doing to your business? Let’s break it down.

The Shady Stuff That Makes Your Site Look Sketchy

Several things contribute to an untrustworthy, questionable vibe from your website,

  • It looks straight out of the 90s

Remember the last time you landed on a website that seemed like it was made in 1998 – ugly backgrounds, blinking text everywhere? 

You probably immediately started doubting if it was even a real business. The outdated design screams “We don’t care about our website.”

  • The layout is a mess

When info is thrown all over the place with no logic, it makes your site look disorganized and confusing. If visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly leave.

  • It’s clearly not maintained

Broken links, missing images, forms that don’t work – stuff like that happens, but if left unfixed, it creates an impression that you neglect your web presence.

  • There’s zero branding

A completely generic website design doesn’t stand out at all from competitors. Your site should reflect your brand’s unique look and personality.

  • It just looks…unprofessional

From cheesy stock photos to glaring spelling/grammar errors, small unprofessional details can completely undermine your brand’s credibility.

If any of those red flags are present, you can bet potential customers are getting turned off before even considering buying from you.

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The Real Issue – You’re Losing Customers and Sales

At the end of the day, an Website Appears Unreliable holds your business back in a huge way. How? Well, there are a few big reasons:

  • Those first impressions matter a ton

Just like the store example, if someone’s first experience with your brand is a negative impression from an untrustworthy website, you’ve likely already lost them. They’ll simply write you off before even reading about what you offer.

  • Your credibility gets crushed

Let’s say someone hasn’t heard of your company before. If your website looks sketchy and unprofessional, why would they want to buy from you? Gaining new customers becomes an uphill battle.

  • Conversions will definitely drop

An outdated, confusing website development leads to a poor user experience. And poor UX means fewer purchases, signups, leads, etc. It also makes people abandon their online shopping carts more often.

  • Your reputation gets damaged

Word spreads fast these days, especially with online reviews. If you have an untrustworthy-looking site, that negative perception will spread and hurt your reputation.

  • Competitors get a big advantage

While your business struggles with losing customers due to mistrust, your competitors with a trustworthy online presence get to scoop up all those people you turned away.

So in simple terms – an untrustworthy website kills your ability to make money and grow your business. When your credibility is on the line, the stakes are extremely high.

  • Rebuilding Trust and Looking Legit

Okay, now the good news is that you can absolutely rebuild trust and credibility through your website. With some work in the right areas, you can totally reinvent how your brand shows up online.

  • Give it a modern makeover

First things first – you’ve to bring your website into this decade with a full redesign using current best practices. Invest in better hosting, templates, images, and modern features. Leave the blinky gifs and clip art text in 1998.

  • Make it easy to use

Focus on creating an intuitive experience that makes it simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for and get around your site. Clear calls-to-action, well-organized sections, mobile-friendliness – these are musts.

  • Double down on visuals and branding

Use high-quality photos and videos that accurately show off your products or services. And most importantly, make sure your unique brand look and feel are featured prominently throughout.

  • Add valuable content

Having a blog, resources library, customer stories – stuff like that packed with useful info shows off your expertise and credibility in your industry.

  • Get customer praise working for you

Customer testimonials, client logos, review highlights – show off social proof with real-world examples of the great results you’ve delivered.

  • Don’t forget speed and security

Slow-loading websites are a surefire way to lose people’s interest fast. Up-to-date security and https are also musts to avoid seeming untrustworthy.

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