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Looking For An SEO Agency Besides The Local Shops?

Bedigitech is a leading SEO agency in India. Our aim is to provide the best SEO services to our clients by optimizing their websites and driving traffic to their websites, which in turn brings more sales and leads for the client.

Our team at Bedigitech has been working with clients from all over the world for over 10 years now, helping them reach the top of Google search results. We have a strong background in online marketing and we understand the importance of creating content that resonates with your audience and helps build trust with your potential customers.

Seo services in gurgaon
Seo agency in gurgaon

We have successfully implemented strategies for multiple industries by integrating various digital marketing channels including PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and content marketing along with other strategies that drive traffic toward your website. We have been able to achieve results for our clients such as increasing organic ranking on the Google search engine, driving traffic through PPC campaigns, generating leads through social media channels like Facebook Ads, etc.

Why Bedigitech SEO agency in India?

SEO is time-consuming and if you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to perform SEO, then it’s best to leave this job in the hands of a professional. Our Bedigitech SEO agency has helped many businesses grow their online presence and improve their ranking on Google and Bing. We know what it takes for a business website to succeed on SERPs. That is why we offer quality services that are at par with industry standards.

Off-page SEO services

Off-page SEO is a very important aspect of digital marketing. It refers to the activities that affect the way your website or blog appears in search engines and drives traffic to it. If you’re looking for a great off-page SEO service provider, the team at Bedigitech top SEO company in India is here for you

  • Link Building Services: we provide high-quality link-building services from trusted websites, which will help increase your site's relevance in Google's ranking algorithm.
  • Link Removal Services: if someone has linked to a page on your website that contains content or images that violate Google's policies, then we can remove that link from its database by filing an appeal request with Google Webmaster Tools (WMT).
  • Link Prospecting Services: once we have identified links that violate these policies, we will reach out directly through phone calls or emails to those sites' owners so they can update their pages accordingly without having them removed completely from the WMT database--which is what happens when you file an appeal request under "Manual Actions."

On-page SEO services

We offer on-page best SEO services in India for your website to help you attract a large amount of organic traffic from the search engines. Our team of experts will optimize your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing by using white hat techniques that follow all guidelines set by these search engines. We provide a detailed report of our services so that you can analyze where we have improved your site's performance and also easily identify which areas need further improvement in the future.

We also offer a free consultation so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our SEO services in India!

Technical SEO services

You can choose from a variety/combination of our services. We have created a dedicated team of technical SEO experts and content writers, marketing experts, and social media experts. In addition to this, we also have graphic designers who will help you with the design of your website or creating logos that are essential for branding purposes. Finally, we have web developers who can build high-quality websites for you at affordable prices!

Local top SEO services in India

Local search is a great way to get your business noticed. Local search is a great way to get more customers and leads. Local search is a great way to get more sales, traffic, and revenue by using the right keywords in your local area when people are searching for goods or services.

We can help you with:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Social media marketing

International SEO services

  • We have a team of SEO experts who are well versed in the language of your target audience.
  • We can help you reach a global audience and rank your website in the top 10 search results on Google, which will give your business an edge over competitors.

Our strategies on white hat SEO techniques

As a white hat SEO company in India, we are committed to ethical search engine optimization. Our strategies are based on the guidelines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They help you improve your website ranking without violating any rules or regulations. In addition, our team of experts ensures that each task is completed within the stipulated time frame.

We are the best SEO agency in India with a vast experience

We have a team of experts who are experienced in the field of SEO. Our team has worked on projects for clients from different industries, countries, and types of businesses. We have helped small businesses get found online and grow their traffic, as well as large corporations with established brands, reach new customers by improving their organic search rankings.

We understand that every business is unique and has its own needs when it comes to SEO. That’s why we customize our solutions based on these factors:

  • The type of industry (small business or large corporation)
  • Whether you want to improve your rankings locally or globally (or both)
  • Whether your website is already optimized for search engines or if there are issues that need to be addressed

Our transparency in reporting and communication

We want to be as transparent as possible with you about what we’re doing, why we are doing it, and how much it costs. So you can expect detailed progress reports from us every week so that you know where we are in the process and how much further till your SEO project is complete.

A customer-centric approach adopted by our Bedigitech top SEO agency in India

Our Bedigitech best SEO company in India is customer-centric. We are transparent, honest, and reliable. We keep our promises, we back up our words with actions. We are consistent in our approach toward all our clients of ours, irrespective of their budgets or scale of operations. Our flexibility helps us to work according to the client’s requirements and deliver the best results possible within the agreed time frame.

We are innovative in our approach to marketing strategies which helps us come up with new ideas that others might not have thought about yet! We understand that every business has its own requirements which need to be met before it can succeed online so we tailor-make solutions for each company depending on their individual needs and demands from us as their Bedigitech SEO agency partner.

SEO Consulting Services: Definition and Offerings

SEO (search engine optimization) consulting refers to advisory services that aim to enhance a website's organic visibility and ranking in search engines like Google. SEO consultants utilize their expertise in areas like keyword research, technical SEO, content optimization, and more to boost traffic from search.

What SEO Consulting Entails?

A comprehensive SEO consulting engagement includes a range of services to audit, analyze, and improve different elements of a website.

Some key activities performed by SEO consultants include:

Technical SEO Audit
Evaluating site architecture, speed, mobile-friendliness, security, etc., and recommending fixes to technical issues that may be hampering performance.

Onpage Optimization
Analyzing page content, titles, meta descriptions, headings, image alt text, etc., and providing specific optimization tips to enhance findability and rankings for target keywords.

Keyword Research
Identifying high-traffic, low-competition keywords aligned with the client's products/services and ideal customers. Helping integrate these into content and metadata.

Competitor Analysis
Researching main competitors' SEO strategies and highlighting tactical opportunities.

Link Building
Devising a link-building plan to acquire reputable backlinks from relevant websites to improve the domain authority.

Content Strategy
Planning and creating optimized content across formats like articles, videos, infographics, etc. that target priority keywords.

Technical SEO Monitoring
Tracking website crawl errors, broken links, speed, mobile compatibility etc., and fixing issues.

Performance Tracking
Setting up analytics and reporting to monitor keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversions, and other ROI metrics.

Ongoing Optimization

Continually fine-tuning on-page and technical elements and responding to algorithm updates to maintain/improve rankings.

The goal of SEO consulting is to identify and overcome challenges hindering organic visibility. This requires a personalized approach based on the website's unique requirements and goals. With the right SEO guidance, companies can increase profits by leveraging search engine traffic. If you’re looking for the best SEO consulting services, particularly in Gurgaon, contact our BEdigitech.

SEO service company in Gurgaon

1. Local SEO

Right Place, Right Time: How to Optimize for Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to optimizing a website to rank higher in local search engine results. The goal is to make your business easier to find for customers searching for products or services in your geographic area.

Local SEO tactics include :

local seo

Optimizing your website with location-based keywords

local seo

Ensuring your Google My Business listing is complete and accurate

local seo

Building local backlinks

local seo

Encouraging customer reviews

local seo

Creating location-based content and Using schema markup

For assistance with your local SEO strategy, contact the digital marketing professionals at BEdigitech in Gurgaon. Their expertise can help drive more local traffic to your website.

SEO service company in Gurgaon

2. Technical SEO

Ranking Power: How to Use Technical SEO for Better Search Results?

Technical SEO refers to the behind-the-scenes, technical work involved in improving a website's ability to rank higher in search engines. It focuses on optimizing elements like site architecture, code quality, speed, and crawlability.

Key technical SEO activities include -

local seo

Conducting technical audits

local seo

Improving site indexation

local seo

Fixing technical errors

local seo

Implementing proper URL structures

optimizing page speed

Optimizing page speed

local seo

Improving internal linking and Ensuring mobile friendliness

If you are looking for assistance with technical SEO and other digital marketing services, consider contacting BEdigitech, a leading digital agency based in Gurgaon.

SEO service company in Gurgaon

Keyword Research & Strategy: The Secret Ingredient of Digital Marketing Success

Keyword research is the essential first step in digital marketing. It basically involves identifying high-value keywords and phrases that your target audience uses when searching for solutions related to your business.

The goal is to understand user intent and discover the terms that will connect your content with searchers. An effective keyword strategy ensures your website and campaigns focus on the most relevant search queries. This helps you reach audiences actively looking for what you offer.

Remember to analyze keyword volume, competition, and searcher intent as you build your list. Creating the right keyword strategy provides a foundation for marketing success.

Measure Twice, Rank Once: The Importance of SEO Analytics

SEO analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data related to SEO and website performance. It provides insights into how well optimization efforts are working.

Some of the top key SEO analytics activities include tracking website traffic sources, analyzing keyword rankings, monitoring page views and user behavior, analyzing link profiles, measuring site crawl stats, and reporting on the ROI of SEO initiatives.

Regularly monitoring SEO analytics is crucial for continuously improving rankings and traffic.

So, if you are looking for expert assistance with SEO analytics and measurement, consider partnering with BEdigitech, a leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

SEO service company in Gurgaon


This is a common question we receive regarding the scope of our SEO services. The short answer is yes - the SEO strategies we implement are designed to improve rankings across all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

While Google is by far the most widely used search engine globally, accounting for over 90% of searches, optimizing only for Google would mean missing out on potential visibility in Bing and other search engines. Bing powers the search results on Yahoo as well.

Our comprehensive SEO approach includes both technical and content-focused elements aimed at improving site authority, relevance, and ranking factors for search engines in general.

For example, making a website mobile-friendly, faster, and easier to crawl and index not only helps with Google ranking but also enhances the site experience across engines.

Similarly, creating high-quality content optimized with relevant keywords targets universal search engine priorities like topical relevance, valuable information, and natural language usage. Link building and local SEO also impact search results globally.

That said, search algorithms do vary somewhat between engines. Our SEO experts keep these nuances in mind and tweak strategies where helpful to improve visibility in all major search engines. We also track and monitor rankings in Google, Bing, and other engines to ensure your website gains maximum exposure.

In summary, our comprehensive and ongoing SEO approach is designed to boost your rankings and visibility in search results globally, not just Google. So you get full value from our services across search engines.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is an important part of any local SEO strategy. As a core service, we certainly can optimize your GBP to help attract more customers.

A Google Business Profile creates your business listing on Google Search and Maps. It provides key information like your address, phone number, photos, opening hours, products/services, and more. Google estimates over 90% of people use these listings to find or research local businesses.

Our GBP optimization includes the following:

  • Complete profile setup and verification to confirm your business. This improves visibility.
  • Adding complete, accurate business information like open hours, products/services, photos, etc.
  • Generating reviews and managing responses to build social proof. We may provide review generation tools.
  • Regular monitoring to maintain correct info and resolve issues like duplicate listings.
  • Creating and optimizing posts to engage visitors and drive clicks from the GBP to your website.
  • Ensuring your GBP appears in the Google Side panel for branded searches.
  • Linking your other profiles like YouTube channels and social media accounts.
  • Advising on Google My Business features like offers, appointments, etc

In essence, we help you build a complete and optimized GBP that builds trust and gives users all the information they need about your local business. This can drive more store visits, calls, bookings, and sales over time.

With our expert assistance, you can establish your Google Business Profile as a hub for customer engagement and new business growth. Get in touch to get started!

Choosing the right SEO approach for your specific business goals and needs is crucial for success. Here are some tips to help determine the type of SEO that’s best for you:

Choosing the right SEO approach for your specific business goals and needs is crucial for success. Here are some tips to help determine the type of SEO that’s best for you:

Look at your goals - Are you prioritizing traffic, lead generation, sales, or brand awareness? Different SEO strategies like content marketing vs link building accomplish different goals. Make sure to choose techniques aligned with your KPIs.

Evaluate your capacity for SEO. Ongoing SEO requires dedicated resources. If you have limited time in-house, partnering with an SEO agency could be more feasible than managing it internally.

Gauge your competition’s SEO first. If they have a strong organic presence already, you’ll likely need an aggressive, results-driven approach to catch up and surpass them.

Analyze your current website’s technical health and content quality. Established sites with good technical foundations need less foundational work than outdated sites.

Do a budget check. Certain SEO tactics like link placements can get expensive, while in-house efforts like content creation are more affordable.

With factors like your business type, goals, resources, and competition in mind, we can recommend the ideal SEO approach for your unique needs. Contact our BEdigitech for a free consultation!

Yes, offering in-depth SEO audits is one of our core services. An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all the factors that affect your website's visibility in search engines.

In the audit, our SEO experts will crawl your site and identify areas working well and issues that need to be fixed from an on-page and technical standpoint. We look at elements like:

  • Page speed and mobile optimization
  • Indexation and crawl errors
  • Quality of code
  • Security and platform migration needs
  • URL structure and site architecture

Additionally, we analyze your content and outline opportunities to optimize pages for relevant keywords and better user experience. Other areas covered include link building, local SEO factors if applicable, and competition benchmarking.

You receive a detailed report highlighting actionable recommendations to improve organic growth. We also provide a customized SEO roadmap to address both quick wins and longer-term initiatives.

An SEO audit establishes a baseline to measure future progress and reveals problems you may not have otherwise noticed. It also helps align teams by providing data-backed direction on how to optimize the site.

Our expertise with technical and content audits allows us to thoroughly evaluate complex sites and deliver strategic insights. By identifying weaknesses and untapped opportunities, our audit gives you a 360-degree view of your website's search visibility and a blueprint for increasing organic traffic, leads, and sales. Contact us to learn more about scheduling an SEO audit for your website.

This is a common question among businesses exploring digital marketing options. The answer is that SEO and paid advertising like PPC both have unique advantages and work best together

Some benefits of SEO include:

  • Free organic traffic that keeps coming without ongoing costs
  • Higher trust and click-through rates from searchers
  • Directly reaches users looking for your products or services
  • Drives more qualified visits due to user intent

However, SEO has downsides like slower results, more competition, and reliance on ranking algorithms.
Paid ads offer:

  • Faster implementation and results
  • More control over visibility and position
  • Flexibility to pause, adjust or target new keywords
  • Options like remarketing to website visitors

But paid ads have drawbacks like higher costs over time and lower response rates.

The most effective strategy is to leverage both. SEO delivers sustainable organic growth while paid ads provide a supplemental traffic source and visibility boost. SEO may attract visitors ready to convert while paid ads reach new audiences.

The right balance depends on your goals, target keywords, competition, and budget. We can help determine optimal SEO-paid integration based on an in-depth analysis of your business’s unique needs and opportunities.

In summary, SEO and paid search together often yield better results than either in isolation. With an integrated approach, you get further reach and visibility at lower overall acquisition costs.

Yes, we can get the keywords ranking on the first page. Presence of good SEO may lead your business website to rank on the first page.

Increased indexed pages
More blog content gives search engines fresh, optimized pages to crawl, index, and potentially rank. This expands your site's footprint.

Useful content
Search engines like Google want to surface relevant, informative content for searchers. Quality blog posts demonstrate subject matter expertise.

Lower bounce rates
Engaging blog content keeps visitors on the site longer, reducing bounce rates which are a negative ranking factor.

Blog content gives other sites a reason to link back to you, earning valuable backlinks. Promote your posts to earn more backlinks.

Keyword targeting
Blogging allows you to optimize pages around long-tail, low-competition keywords you want to rank for.

User Engagement
Comments, shares, and subscribers show user engagement. Search engines factor social signals into rankings.
However, blogging only helps SEO if:

  • You consistently publish fresh, high-quality content. Irregular or thin content won't move the needle.
  • Your posts are optimized for SEO, with keywords, meta descriptions, alt text, etc.
  • You promote your blog content to drive traffic, social shares, and links.

Blogging alone isn't enough but combined with other efforts like link building, site optimization, and local SEO, it can significantly boost organic visibility and traffic over time.

Our SEO services incorporate tailored blogging strategies to take full advantage of this powerful but often underutilized tactic.

  • Optimize page content for target keywords, including meta titles, headers, image alt text, URL slugs, etc. Focus on organically working keywords into the content.
  • Create useful, engaging content that also appeals to search engine bots. Strike a balance between optimization and providing value to visitors.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and fast loading. With mobile dominating search, optimizing site speed and responsiveness is critical.
  • Build high-quality backlinks from reputable domains. This helps demonstrate your authority on relevant topics to search engines.
  • Use analytics to identify and optimize pages that are already attracting organic traffic. Double down on what's working.
  • Follow technical SEO basics like proper site crawlability, security protocols, clean code, etc. Fix any indexation issues.
  • Target keywords with decent search volume but low competition for the best chance to rank. Avoid over-optimized terms.
  • Produce fresh, original content on an ongoing basis. Search engines reward websites with new, evergreen content.
  • Local SEO is critical for location-based businesses to improve local rankings and visibility.
  • Clean up duplicate content, thin or low-value pages using redirection or consolidation for better website health.
  • Monitor your rankings regularly for key terms to track SEO progress. Use tools like Google Search Console.

Mastering these fundamentals, along with more advanced tactics, will help your website show up in organic searches for the terms and topics that matter most for your business. And, for professional help, you can contact our BEdigitech SEO services in Gurgaon.

This is a very common question, but there is no one clear answer for the time to show results. The SEO results completely depend on several different factors:

The age and quality of your website -
Newer sites typically take longer to rank than older, authoritative domains.

How competitive is your industry -
If you're in a highly competitive space, SEO may take more time versus a less crowded niche.

The current state of SEO on your site
Sites with little existing optimization will require more foundational work first.

Types of keywords targeted -
More difficult, high-competition terms can take many months to rank for.

Content marketing consistency -
Frequently publishing fresh, optimized content accelerates SEO gains.

Backlink building efforts - More successful link building means faster indexing and rankings.

Technical site factors -
Issues like page speed, UI bugs, and indexing errors all impact SEO timeframes.

While you can expect to see some small ranking gains within the first few months, it realistically takes 6-12 months for significant organic growth through SEO. Achieving top rankings for your most competitive keywords can take over a year of persistent optimization.

But strategic ongoing SEO leads to cumulative, compounding results. Consistency is key - the longer you optimize, the more traffic and conversions your site will generate over time.

SEO is about shaping your presence not just today but for the long haul. With a combination of patience and persistence, your SEO success will grow exponentially.