Mobile Advertising

With a user base of over 5 Billion globally, encompassing 2/3rds of the world population, mobile is now mainstream digital. Soon it will be mainstream marketing. Need we say more?

Why Mobile Advertising
  • A more intimate, personalized user experience
  • Huge Reach
  • Multiple audience segments
  • Better Return on Investment

At BEdigitech , we breathe mobile, so much so that when in our office, you can see even the junior most executive proudly displaying her/his newly acquired knowledge of their handsets with our data scientists who are experts at making sense out of bits and bytes. We have created an award-winning Platform which extracts user data, deduces insights and delivers results. Contact your account manager today for a discussion.

Video Advertising

A video depicts a story in flat 30 seconds, unlike scores of pages that written words take. Eyes of the beholder stay glued till the video is over. No other medium has captured the world’s attention as much as video. And it’s not just on TV or Cinema. It’s all around you- on your laptop, your mobile screen or your tablet computer. Not only does a video ad grab the consumer’s attention, it also makes the advertiser look professional, settled and exciting.

Video Advertising leads to higher click-throughs, better engagement via completed view counts and more interactivity; thus ensuring better brand lift and Return on Investment.

Harness the Power of Video
  • Engage your Audience by delivering smart video experiences on a range of devices, including desktops, mobiles and tablets
  • Video leads to higher Brand recall and purchase intent
  • Use the intelligence from user interaction to serve better targeted and better performing messages
We also provide:
  • Custom Video Design
  • Video Seeding & Marketing
  • Video Animation
  • Remarketing with Video
  • A/B testing
BEdigitech Advantage
  • User Opt-In Video Ads- less wastage, better returns
  • Works impeccably across network connections and devices
  • Completed View Tracking (VAST) available
  • Consolidated Reporting

Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing model, which enables merchants to compensate the affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts and channels.

Affiliate marketing is a core-relationship between three businesses:
  • Advertiser
  • Publisher
  • Consumer

BEdigitech helps brands in creating & managing a result-driven affiliate marketing network to advertise, market and sell their products....Read More

Programmatic Solutions

How many times have you, as a marketer, winced in your seat and wished for some control over where your ads run. It’s true that the publishers, the agency or the network representative you work with may be your friends. It’s true that you can trust them. What is equally true is that your friends at these places are not involved with ad operations themselves. Nonetheless imagine the raw power that a transparent platform gives you, where you could buy the inventory you desire, at rates you are comfortable bidding for, in lieu of a performance which is transparent, efficient and can be optimized basis your own learnings. Programmatic buying does just that and more.

There are two sides of any programmatic solution- a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that will be your interface as a marketer, and a Supply Side Platform (SSP) that aggregates and makes available the publishers’ inventory. These platforms may or may not include Real Time Bidding Solutions (RTB).

In fact Programmatic Direct doesn’t even require human intervention. It enables more transparency and efficiency, smart stock management and safe targeted advertising.

BEdigitech Programmatic offers you:
  • A single sales point of contact
  • Reduced Reliance on multiple vendors
  • Instant access to various inventory channels, along with planning and buying tools
  • Increased control & transparency
  • Lookalike Audiences for enhanced reach and better ROI

Influencer Marketing Services

Ever wondered what would happen if that famous blogger with 1 Mn Twitter followers tweeted about your brand or shared your video. Or that Bollywood celebrity said one good word about your product. It would be viral in no time! That’s the power of Influencer Marketing.

BEdigitech offers a comprehensive service to engage people with your brand through social media influencers. Right from identifying influencers to engaging them, to creating content and experiences and through to measuring success, we do everything.

We have a dedicated pool of capable influencers who can really move the profit needle for you. Just let us in on the brief, sit back and enjoy the magic unfold.

  • Product Seeding
  • Editorial Partnerships
  • Brand Advocate Programmes
  • Digital, Social and Mobile Campaigns
  • Sponsored Blog Posts and Branded Content
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • and much more....

Email Marketing Solutions

Emails made a millionaire out of Sabeer Bhatia. It may sound so historical now. But it isn’t. All of us use emails every day, multiple times every day. In terms of perceived seriousness of content, may be they are next only to the morning newspaper. Studies suggest people’s second digital activity every day is checking their emails (after checking their Facebook account). For senior executives, emails probably come first. It’s imperative that as a brand you should reach out to them when they are most expected to consume your message positively.