Dubai Expo 2020 presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, forward-looking innovators, and information seekers to get together in October 2021. The uniqueness of the city is attracting entrepreneurs, innovators, and information seekers to the town.

Expo is one of the major global events every five years and part of the World Expo, in 1851. Despite a delay caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Dubai Expo will now take place in October 2021 and will culminate in March 2022. At first, it was due to take place in 2020. As designed, Dubai hosted the convention when it was originally awarded the event in 2013, and pavilions and themes have already taken place.

The World Expo 2020 Dubai aims to draw tens of millions of visitors with such notable subjects, with 190 countries participating. Connecting minds, defining the future is the theme of the Expo.

If you and your company plan on exhibiting at Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai, these statistics may make you feel overwhelmed. There can never be enough emphasis on the importance of digital marketing and lead generation. The Expo 2020 marketing agencies are a crowd, so how can we stand out from the crowd and promote our brand?

As Expo 2020 will take place in Dubai, your first order of business should be to find a firm based in the city, i.e., one with a location appropriate for Expo 2020. What’s the reason? Because of:

  • As marketing experts in Dubai and the broader MENA region, they will be familiar with marketing techniques. Any company wishing to expand to new markets or audiences should consider this as an ideal platform. The UAE also controls most of the advertising and marketing in the region, with online marketing the largest segment compared to traditional marketing and advertising. Dubai has an impressive smart-city infrastructure, including many large corporate headquarters, so it’s effectively a city designed for digital marketing. 
  • They are also providing real-life content straight from the source. Expo 2020 can be a place to showcase the agency’s offerings. You don’t have to worry about audio and video productions when creating marketing content, for example.

As a result, Dubai has a lot of agencies based there. Choosing between so many options can sometimes be overwhelming. Consider the following questions when making decisions to distinguish the good from the bad:

Which Agency Should I Engage?

To ensure that the marketing you do results in the greatest possible results, you need to work with a marketing agency. It’s taking advantage of the expert help of a team of professionals to market your company at Expo 2020, with the hope of increasing brand awareness. 

The services you need will determine your expectations – for instance, do you just need an element of digital marketing or a full online marketing campaign? Expo 2020 will be the biggest event in history, and the chances are that you already have a marketing campaign but need assistance with boosting and expanding it. 

UAE Exposition 2020 (2021): how to Promote Your Company?

When it comes to making an event effective for your company, it is important to set the right goals and implement KPIs. If this is in place, you will measure the event’s success from your business’s perspective and ensure that you will achieve success throughout the event.

Setting SMART goals for your company or brand is critical when it comes to promoting them at events.

How to set SMART objectives for the Expo in Dubai in 2020 (2021)?

Event marketing and SMART metrics often work together to give marketing teams a better understanding of event success. Using this technique, they choose KPIs and determine goals that help them achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Build your website or landing page for Expo 2020 Dubai

The Expo website will contain information about all exhibitors, presenters, and other matters, but you should have a separate website devoted to your participation. Visitors will have one of their first experiences with your brand through the homepage, so it should tell them what you offer. The existence of your website dedicated to your participation in the Expo will help you gain more awareness and help you show off your vision. The Expo website may link back to your business website, allowing you to increase your search engine optimisation rating and appear at the top of the lists when people search for what to expect at the expo.

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