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Introduction: SEO which stands for search engine optimization, is a major process that helps in increasing the visibility of your website or business when a person searches for something related on the search engines like Google. Now performing SEO on a website is not so easy because it takes a lot of effort and knowledge as well. Even some people can become SEO experts with the help of time, as with time, they also learn some of the best tactics that they can follow to improve the visibility of the website. 

What is SEO?

Well, to answer the question that states what is SEO, then the only better answer that will click in a personā€˜s mind will be that it is a process that needs to be done on a website to make it have a good rank on Google. Now for doing SEO, a person can take help from some agencies that are specifically dedicated to doing so. However, the ranking will be dependent on how the SCO is executed on your website at each level. Having a well-executed procedure of SEO will make sure that your website is visible among the higher ranks on Google when a person searches for a related keyword to your website. For getting it done, you can certainly hire an SEO company, which will help you in implementing the SEO. There are many companies available that can perform SEO on your website, but you have to hire them carefully while keeping certain things in mind like their experience.

Benefits of SEO

When it comes to the benefits of SEO, the major benefit that it provides to any website is that it makes that visible to the people who are searching for some relevant information using keywords. The reason behind the importance of SCO is that it is one of the major factors that will determine whether your website will be visible on search engines like Google or not. As per the algorithms of search engines like Google, the practices for SEO also changes. Also, SEO has different types, and for a website to be visible to people, all the types of SEO should be perfectly executed. Improving the visibility of your website on search engines will also increase its marketing of it, as people will be able to see your website on top results. Whenever a person sees a certain website on top results of Google, they prefer to use that website for their intent. So if you are running a business that is totally online or you want to do marketing for your business using search engines, then SEO is something that needs to be there in your website, and it has to be executed in a proper manner. 

Types of SEO

Well, usually, there are four types of SEO. To perform SEO on any website, a person needs to make sure that all the types are performed in a good manner so that there are a high number of chances that the website will rank among the top. Also, each and every type of SEO plays an important role in some places. 

1. On-Page SEO

This type of SEO can also be known as on-site SEO. As we know, Content is the king of your website, so this particular type of SEO focuses on optimizing this particular factor of your website. It will also include the entire content, including keywords, meta titles, headers, meta description, body, images, and many more things. To make sure that this type is performed well on your website, there are certain tips that you can follow:

  • Do proper research for your keywords and determine what will be the best for your content. Also, while doing the research, you need to find keywords that have a good search volume and are relevant to your content. Also, there is a certain length of key work that needs to be taken care of, as it should not be too long or too short. 
  • When it comes to the metadata of your content, make sure it is optimized in a well manner and contains the major keyword that represents your entire article.
  • You can also do internal linking in your content, which means that you can link one page of your website to another page on your website. These types of websites also attract Google to give you a high priority. 

2. Off-page SEO

The second type of SEO is off-page SEO which is something that does not occur on your website. This type of SEO is all about creating links so that your website is trusted more. Link building is one of the best practices that need to be done to ensure that the off-page SEO of your website is executed perfectly. This will also help in trusting your company which will further lead to its marketing of it. some tips for doing this perfectly are:

  • you can ask other websites to publish posts that will make the reader land on your website. It means that you can pitch for your articles to be included as a link in other blogs. 
  • Do proper research on who are your biggest competitors and learn about some points that they have made to achieve a good rank.

3. Technical SEO

The third type is technical SEO which is one of the most important types. When this particular type is optimized on your website it will allow the crawlers of search engines to crawl on your website and finally index it since indexing and crawling are important to make sure that search engines like Google visit your website and index it in their database to show them on result pages whenever the relevant keyword is searched. To make sure that you have a perfect technical SEO performed on your website, you can take help from a third party to optimize it. Some of the critical things that allow search engines to identify whether a website is technically optimized or not are:

  • Well, a technically optimized website will definitely have a good loading speed. A website that loads faster will definitely attract users and will definitely be ranked among the top.
  • Building a responsive website is also important. If your website is mobile-friendly and extra friendly, it will indicate that it is technically optimized. 
  • Also, your site structure matters a lot when it comes to technical SEO. You can use a simple URL that has the hypertext of HTTPS and is also secured.

4. Local SEO

The last type of SEO is local SEO which is important for those websites that are related to products and services of a business that are providing their services in the local area. To make sure that this type is optimized, you need to create an account on Google my business profile, which will ensure that whenever a person living in your area searches for related services, your website can be visible. Doing local SEO on your website can be beneficial as it will make sure that your business reaches the local customers, and it is also for free. 

Black hat SEO strategy and white hat SEO strategy

When it comes to creating a strategy of SEO, a person can certainly go for either black hat or white hat SEO. The major difference between both the strategies is that when a person implements a blackhead SEO, it is done by using some sneaky tactics, which may require fewer effort but does not lead to organic traffic and hence can be very bad for your website in the future. This type of strategy is bad for your website because after some point of time, Google will determine and identify that you have done black hat SEO on your website, and you will end up paying the penalty, and also, you will be blacklisted from Google ranking. In contrast, white hat SEO is an authenticated manner of performing SCO on any website. This type of SEO will give you a website with more organic traffic, and Google will definitely love to rank your website among the top. 

Also, in black hat strategies, duplicate content is used in which keywords are usually stuffed without making any particular sense. On the other hand, the white hat SEO provides relevant content that includes relevant and research keywords along with some images and other links. 

How to create a good SEO strategy?

Well, the best strategy of SEO in 2022 includes nine major steps that you can follow. These steps are as follows: 

Step1: Research on keywords and create a list

The first step in creating a strategy for SCO is to search for relevant keywords that are related to your website and content. During that, he says you need to take care that the keywords should neither be long-tail keywords nor be short-tail keywords. The reason behind this is that, as per the new algorithms of Google, a medium tail keyword is considered to be a good keyword. 

Step2: Analyze the websites that result on top pages for your search keywords

This step will allow you to see your competitors for the keyword that you will be using on your website. So analyze them in a good manner and understand their structure as well.

Step3: Develop new content for your website

Instead of writing what your competitors have written, try to go for content that is completely different from them and is better at the same time. 

Step4: Add backlinks

One of the widely used ways for improving the rankings in the latest year is to get backlinks for your website. Link building will definitely help Google to rank your website among the top. 

Step5: Perform on-page SEO 

Well, this step involves getting your keyword written in your content. As this is one of the most important types of SEO, you need to be very careful while optimizing it.

Step6: Optimize your website with the intent of searching

The next step that you need to do is to perform a search intent optimization on your website, which will help you to get it on the top of the result pages.

Step7: Content design should also be focused 

The next thing that you need to do is to focus on the entire design of your content. This will make sure that your content is designed in such a manner that it looks good in terms of appearance. To make this, you can add certain charts or images that will help users to connect and like your page. 

Step8: Start building links for your website page

Now it is time to start the link building for your pages. For this, you can follow certain tactics that will help you to perform Link building in our ideal manner.

Step9: keep your content updated

Well, once you write your content and publish it on your website, it is also mandatory to keep the content updated. This will help you in including the latest keywords that are being used to search on search engines. Also, the algorithms of search engines like Google changes from time to time, and updating your content at a regular interval will help you to keep your website up-to-date.

Well, this was all about SEO that a person needs to know when they are starting out to understand the entire process and framework. Well, SEO cannot be learned in a single day, or it cannot be performed in a single week. This process takes effort, time, and dedication as well at the same time.

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