GA4 Features: Amazing Functionalities to Check in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation of Google Analytics that works with the combined data from both the traditional web analytics platform, Google Analytics, and Google’s Firebase platform for mobile apps. 

This new version of analytics aims to make it easier for companies to successfully track and analyze data collected from their multiple platforms. 

With its advanced features such as artificial intelligence-based tracking, GA4 promises to be the future of data gathering for businesses by providing invaluable and historical insights into key performance indicators. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss “GA4 features – Amazing functionalities to check in Google Analytics 4”. So, let’s get started!

Top 9  Functionalities To Check in Google Analytics 4

1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a tool that can be used to improve website performance and understand user behavior. 

It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to predict customer behavior on websites. 

With predictive analytics, businesses can better understand their customers and meet their needs. This makes it easier for them to stay loyal by providing personalized experiences. 

In addition, predictive analytics allows marketers to capitalize on opportunities they may not have been able to see before. 

Google Analytics 4 offers this amazing tool free of charge. This allows businesses to access valuable insights into their own website performance and user actions so they can make more effective decisions.

2. Integrated Reporting Between Web And Mobile

Google Analytics 4 is packed with powerful features that enable marketers to better understand their customers and their needs. 

One of the main highlights of GA4 is the combined mobile and web data available in a single Analytics property. 

With its event-driven data model, the platform allows businesses better cross-device and cross-platform tracking. So, this gives a more detailed insight into customer journeys and acquisition methods. 

With the help of this feature, marketers can customize their strategies accordingly. This leads to deeper engagement and faster conversions.

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3. Using AI To Predict User Outcomes

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a game changer for businesses. Why because it enables users to make strategic decisions based on insights and predictions generated by AI. 

The AI-driven predictions provide key information about specific customer groups’ behaviors. It is helpful for businesses to target the right market segments at the right time. 

In particular, GA4 can offer insights into the likely purchase patterns of different customers. And, that can be used to plan ahead more effectively and focus resources accordingly. 

With this advanced feature in place, businesses can make choices with greater confidence. Because it leads to better returns from marketing initiatives as well as increased revenue opportunities.

4. Data Anomaly Detection

Data anomaly alerts are one of the most important features of Google Analytics 4 that help businesses detect any abnormalities or incorrect data occurring during data collection. 

For example, data anomalies may be detected if there is an abnormal spike in website traffic due to an email campaign. By using machine learning algorithms, GA4 can identify potential deviations before they occur and flag them as noise or “data anomaly”. 

As a result, businesses can make the best decisions based on accurate statistics. 

Furthermore, Google Analytics 4 provides real-time insights and notifications regarding website outages through its notification alert system. So, customers can stay updated on new developments without needing to manually check their websites. 

With such features, it is clear why GA4 is becoming the go-to analytics platform for businesses looking to gain deeper insights into their customer base and traffic patterns.

5. Automatic Table Customization

Universal Analytics offers many advantages to business owners and data analysts when it comes to making sense of large amounts of data. 

Its reports feature can quickly generate data tables and it can be used in various ways to get a better picture of how a business is performing. 

However, the only way that one can manipulate or customize these data tables is by adding a secondary dimension. 

Fortunately, with GA4’s advanced features, users are now able to customize their data presentation with more than just dimensions and metrics.

And, they’re also able to save their visualization as they prefer. This means that users no longer have to spend time manually entering different filters or views into the report in order to gain insight from their data. It saves them valuable time while gaining crucial insights into the performance of their business.

6. New And Advanced Funnel Analysis

Funnel analysis is a great tool for understanding user behaviors and optimizing websites accordingly. 

Funnels are the steps taken by users from accessing the website such as purchasing a product or signing up for a service. 

Through analyzing different pathways, you can identify areas of difficulty for users that might be causing them to abandon part of the process. 

Google Analytics 4 features have greatly improved this process. And, it makes it much easier to access and analyze funnel data, even without paying high fees as was previously required with GA 360.

7. Create And Track Up To 30 Conversions

Google Analytics 4 has made conversion tracking easier and simpler for users. With the ability to track up to 30 conversions, users have access to more data than ever before about their website traffic and user behavior. 

Additionally, since there is the option of easily deleting any tracked conversions once their purpose is fulfilled, there’s no need to clutter up the analytics with unnecessary data points. This makes it much easier for users to focus on their most important goals and success metrics.

8. Use “Secret Key” To Avoid Spam Data

Google Analytics 4 has come up with an effective solution to combat the problem of spam data inclusion in reports and inaccurate information sharing that was rampant with GA3. 

With the secret key inclusion as part of a measurement protocol, Google Tag Manager eliminates any possibility of spam data being picked up as well. 

This makes sure that accurate reports are generated from valid sources, ensuring reliable results and optimization of resources accordingly.

9. Aggregated Data Streams

GA4’s Data Streams are a revolutionary way to access data from multiple Google products in one place. Not only does this simplify the process of collecting analytics, but it also increases understanding of user behavior across platforms. 

Users can customize up to 25 registered users, 50 dimensions, and 50 matrices per property. This increases data clarity while decreasing the number of individual props required. 

Data Streams are especially helpful for tracking cross-domain traffic. With that, businesses can see where people came from and how they interact with all their resources on the web.

Why Businesses Should Take The First Step Now?

Universal Analytics will be around for years, but eventually, GA4 will be the new standard.

GA4 has smarter capabilities and better tracking, so it’ll change the game for gathering user insights.

If you start now, you’ll begin collecting historical data that you can only find on GA4.

This means that when others are still lagging behind on updates, you’ll have a rich history of data that’ll be super useful for future strategies.

Eventually, Google will likely remove Universal Analytics to encourage everyone to use the newer and more relevant technology.

Starting the process now will get you and your employees ready to use all these new features in the future.

Once you set up GA4 for your business, we recommend getting familiar with the new data and reporting features.

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