Successful SEO Starts From Intelligent Web Designing!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Yes – that is right. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Technology effort to make a Website attain Online Success. Even though this effort has many branches and furthering up until the Website achieves this Goal, the starting point commences from Designing the Website and Developing its contents to get High Ranks from the popular Search Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc.

In those initial periods of Internet Marketing, when the number of Websites Online was not in the billions, the SEO effort was not this tough. Due to Websites’ mushrooming into 1.70 billion takes strenuous efforts to make the SEO Campaign a successful one.

The first challenge posed by these Search Engine crawlers is that they have drastically updated their Crawlers strategy for picking up the web link of the Website, based on its “Quality”. 

This is a measurable term from the purview of web visitors as to how far the particular Website is “useful” for most web visitors visiting that Website.

Our SEO Specialists in BEdigitec are very well trained in this latest update – ours being the most trusted and reliable SEO agency in Gurgaon – and helped hundreds of Websites doing business in various niches to achieve this Goal happily.

How Web Designing becomes essential?

Suppose a particular Website has to pass the Quality Standards stipulated by the Search Engine crawlers to be picked up and displayed on top of their Search Engine Index. In that case, it should be accessible to any web browser from around the world. The web browser may even be a small handphone – the latest and sophisticated Smartphone, just come to the Market.

This hassle-free accessibility in micro-seconds is termed as “Responsive Web Designing”. There is no use having a Website at all if this most critical condition is not fulfilled. Therefore, the Web Designers should be cautious, right from the basic structuring of the Site – namely Coding. 

There are many popular Coding Languages available online, such as HTML, CSS; Java; JavaScript; Python; SQL, PHP, etc. Our experts, Web Designers, will ascertain full details of the activities proposed for the Website under construction and then select the appropriate Coding Language.

The structure will be then tested and re-tested to check its efficiency. The primary condition laid down is the Website Design should appear on any Computer Screen without distortions or deviations. The structure’s frame should adjust itself automatically to fit the size of the screen on which it appears.

Once this is done, our Web Developers take up the superstructure of the Website – namely, building the other features of the Website like Graphics, Content Text, decoration with Colors, and other attractive gimmicks to catch the eye of the web visitor at first glance. The idea is the Website should make the First Impression about the Website, as the Best Impression in the mind of the web-visitor. 

On-Page SEO:

According to the latest trend in SEO Techniques, if a Website is to get the highest popularity among the web visitors, the Search Engines expect any Website to be of superior Quality to award High Rankings.

This Quality is achieved first by the Web-designing and Development experts of ours – as the top-ranking SEO services in India

These include Keywords Research; Competitor Website Analysis; spinning the Keywords at suitable places in the Web Pages, checking the Keyword density; Title and other Tags; meta descriptions, etc. 

Then our Software Engineers will provide features, most necessary for the website’s impeccable functionality, for the web-visitors to land into and finish their business on the Website hassle-free.

The features taught into the Website, from Coding to building the Website with necessary functionality aspects, come under On-Page SEO – because these are provided inside the Website itself. 

After this is done, the Off-Page SEO tactics like Social Media Optimization and the website’s Online Success will also be carried out.

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